Expert Surveillance.

If you're reading this, you're likely in a tough situation or need to find the truth.

Envivo Intelligence is here to help you through this difficult time with expertise you can trust. We are a full-service, licensed Private Investigation Agency located in NYC and take on cases of all kinds.

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    What We Do.

    The experienced Private Investigators at Envivo Intelligence use cutting-edge technology to
    conduct digital and physical surveillance, collecting and delivering evidence you can trust.

    Infidelity & Divorce

    Suspicious your significant other is unfaithful? You are not crazy! But a cheater will continue to gaslight you and feed you lies. Count on us to do what it takes to find the truth.

    Missing Persons

    When a loved one vanishes, the pain is like no other. When the clues lead to dead ends for police, the heartbreak mounts. We’ll work to uncover new leads previously missed.

    Animal Welfare

    You don’t call them your fur baby for nothing, so make sure you can trust those who watch them. Our animal welfare investigations make sure your pet is treated properly.


    Our Services.

    Our full-service Private Investigation Agency is based in Manhattan, and is
    fully bonded and licensed by the New York State Department of State.

    Only a licensed Private Investigator can perform these services:


    Only a licensed private investigator can legally perform physical or digital surveillance. Count on our experts to covertly gather photos and video for you.


    EnvivoIntel’s experts will work to track down every eyewitness and collect statements to give a clear and complete picture of the facts in your case.


    Experienced investigators follow the facts where they lead. Whether you’re seeking information on a person, group, property, accident or crime– we have it covered.


    The Team.

    Our team’s extensive investigation experience comes from nearly 20 years
    in journalism– not law enforcement– giving us an edge on other Private Investigators.

    We don’t try to prove hunches. EnvivoIntel uncovers the truth by following the facts.


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